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Our company is now trying our best to be a specialist 

for supplying parts for Japanese construction machines and viechels (used and new parts ).

When you and your customers will be in trouble 

about procurement of parts for those machines or

repair, please contact us.

We will try our best to meet your request.

I would say thank you again.


Tetsuya Negishi


Estech Co,.ltd  

Company                    data

・Company Name:

           Estech Co.,Ltd



           April  28 . 2004 


・Head office:

           1151-2, Urushibara, Yoshioka-Town,                                               Gunma, 370-3601, Japan

           (TEL) + 81-2-7955-6616

           (FAX) + 81-2-7926-2522



            1155, Urushibara, Yoshioka-Town, 

            Gunma, 370-3601, Japan



            Tetsuya Negishi


・Contents of Business:

    ①Sale of used and new parts for Concrete pump tracks.

    ②Sale of used and new parts for Asphalt Finisher.                    ③Sales of various types of used construction machinery.

    ④Construction machinery parts design production.

    ⑤After sales maintenance repair service.